Does my Nest need a new display?

My 1st Gen NEST (eBay) arrived in a box ("mangled" like it was run over by a truck) in a USPS plastic bag denoted: RECEIVED UNSEALED and RECEIVED DAMAGED. Connecting it to either my furnace/AC or USB gives the same B&W image like shards of glass (one section in white resembles Egypt). Does this mean the display is destroyed? Any hope to fix it (new display?, where?). Thanks

Photos of NEST mutilated package & display via USB (same for furnace/AC) at:

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99.9% sure display is bad (cracked-broken) so returned it for full refund.

Now looking for a Gen2 NEST base (where wires connect). They seem hard to find and not sold by NEST separate from display. :(


My nest started showing nothing on the screen but a black cloud like thing with some crack marks, similar to what a cell phone cracked screen would look like, how and where do I get it fixed?


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