Manufacturer/part# of power connector is on the board in the camera?

SO, I'm off trying to make uTube videos, and I have to leave my little cam plugged into the charger over the course of the day. Because I am a klutz, I trip over the power cord several times. Naturally it rips out of the camera.

Oddly enough - the charger itself is fine! But the connector in the camera housing is shattered, probably from the force/torque of the connector being yanked by the force of 190 lbs of me tripping over it.

I've managed to find little shards of the thing and glue it back together with Tenax7, but I just want to find a new connector and solder it to the board.

However - this is a non-standard, rectangular connector with a U-shaped slot.

Anyone know where such a beast can be found???

Much obliged


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