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Released September 2013 / Black, Blue, White or Pink Casing / 4GB of memory.

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Why is my tablet not working correctly?

My tablet won't turn on I tried everything. I plug it in and it shows drained battery sign then it says its charging and then 3 seconds later the screen goes white. What do I do to fix it?

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If I'm not mistaken, it seems like it has accidental impact. You said the screen goes WHITE. It the screen goes white, it's not the screen that is going white, it is the display that is failing.

I would sincerely like to suggest you to check if you have any warranty on it - some warranty cover lost, stolen, hardware failure, accidental damage and so forth.

If you found out that it is still under factory warranty, the cracked screen, as seen in the picture, may void warranty but you will have options to pay least amount to get it either factory replaced with a new/refurbished device or repaired.

You can contact them to learn about their warranty replacement and/or service by following this link:

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My tablet starts alright but cannot be switched off, due to broken screen.

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