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brakes and parking lever

1999 Tahoe. is the parking lever and brake switch under steering column work together?

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The parking brake only affects the rear brakes. It has a cable that engages and disengages the rear brakes, and an electrical switch that tells the car if it is engaged or not (that silly little light that tells you the parking brake is on).

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the brake switch under the steering column, though. It sounds like you might be talking about a fuse or relay inside of your interior fuse box? Can you please elaborate, and I will try my best to help.

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I think the OP means the parking brake (pedal under the dash) and the parking position of the transmission selector. + Ralph


Oh, if that is the case, then no. The "Park" selection on your automatic transmission is similar to leaving a manual transmission in gear while parked to keep it from rolling. The parking brake pedal actually engages the brake.

I drive a manual transmission car, so I occasionally forget that automatic cars have a third pedal that isn't nearly as fun as mine.


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I think that he is having the same problem as I do with my 1999 Tahoe LT: as we all know you need apply your brake (not emergency "parking brake") to shift out of neutral. At times I can not get the shifter out of park no matter how hard-soft-fast-slow I apply the brake. My brake lights work fine, but I am having problems on and off with my cruise control not working at all after driving for awhile. Cruise seems to be better when I first engage cruise control but after driving a while it will either cut out or not engage at all.

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