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Earpiece not working after screen replacement


I replaced the entire screen on my iPhone 6 after i dropped it and cracked the screen. After finishing the installation, i checked to see if everything works.

The camera and proximity sensor works perfectly but the earpiece doesn't work and whenever i make or receive a call, i have to have it on speakerphone in order to hear the other person.

I don't know if its the actual earpiece that is broken or the flex cable is damaged

I have searched the net for answers but can't find any solutions

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Here's a few steps you can try to resolve your issue:

- reseat the earpiece so that the contacts line up.

- check for any visual damage to cable or ear piece.

- if this doesn't work, you may have to try and replace either of the parts.

- also, try cleaning contacts with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, as oils from your fingers can interfere with things.

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thank you for sharing

i have this problem as well although the phone just dropped

can you please share some pics for better understanding as i have never repaired it before


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Try reseating the earpiece. As there are gold connecter on the proximity flex and gold connectors on the earpiece that need to be lined up.

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I had this issue today, After changing the screen multiple times trying to figure out why I couldn’t get any sound out of the earpiece- I tried reseating the ear piece and figured I just kept installing it wrong I finally cleaned the connectors and the issue was solved! It’s Amazing how sometimes the simplest things is all that matters!

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