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Released in 2012, this laptop features a Core i7 processor, dedicated Nvidia 620M GPU, and a 1080p display.

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Problem with SSD/HDD or both - freezes

My notebook started getting the occasional "Your PC ran into problems :(" messages after i upgraded to Windows 8.1. I ignored them. 3 days back the notebook just froze - the mouse would not move. I waited for 2 mins and then pressed the on/off button to reboot. The same thing happened twice that day. The next day, the freeze happened but this time the mouse was moving - but there was no action when i pressed the buttons. Keyboard wasn't responding either. I noticed then that the disk access LED was not blinking at all. i rebooted. The problem repeated again in 2 mins - no disk LED blinking and all frozen. This time I rebooted and backed up my data first. Then i read about the SSD/HDD and Intel Rapid Storage (IRST) stuff.

I rebooted the machine several times to find out when/why the probem happens. I have now narrowed it down to the following:

- when i boot, the laptop starts fast.

- IRST shows both SSD and HDD

- a few moments after, either when i have clicked the browser icon or otherwise, the laptop freezes, disk LED not blinking

- if i wait patiently for 3-4 minutes, the laptop miraculously wakes up

- IRST shows only HDD present (screenshot attached)

- after that the laptop runs perfect.

Thinking that this could be a result of Win8.1 upgrade, I have rolled back to the factory settings of the UX32VD like I bought it 2 yrs back. The problem continues.

The problem is repeatable easily.

Is this related to the SSD or the HDD or neither? Please guide. Thanks much!

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2 Soluções

  1. Where do you have SO installed? iSSD or HDD?
  2. Do you have iSSD as caching device for your HDD? (which is the factory setup)
  1. can you check HDD SMART?

#"- IRST shows only HDD present (screenshot attached)"

so... could you attach it?

#If HDD seems fine... Could be another iSSD broken, check the links in:

What to do when iSSD fails?

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I have a problem with my Asus X555LA- XX273H started freezing up. how to solve this issued, I tried turn off the system and turn it back on the same problem occurred.

please can you help?

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