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The Honda Element was a compact crossover SUV based on a modified CR-V platform, manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio and offered in front-wheel and all-wheel drive formats

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How repair engine coils

my car is stalling out Could the 4 engine coils be the problem

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Is your Check Engine Light on? Have you tried to get it scanned for any error codes? Unlikely that all your coils failed at the same time.


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Possible, you should get a cheap OBD 2 scan tool to check for mis-fire DTCs in the system. But the easy way to check for misfire codes is to look at the mil light when the car is running. misfire will make the mil light flash.

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By any chance do you drive a standard? Elements, especially those that are sticks, tend to suffer from the exhaust valves going out of spec much sooner than normal. In my experience (the three times this has happened within 130K) is that I would drive semi-aggressively from a cold start. When I came to a stop in the first 5 minutes of driving, the RPM gauge would drop too low and stall. Turning the car back on would keep me moving again for usually the rest of the drive.

You can literally say to the mechanic, "my exhaust valves are out of spec" and they can fix it from there. It's cost me between 150-300 depending on the mechanic doing the work.

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