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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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I dropped my gopro hero4 onto a hard floor.

I dropped my gopro 4, now it will not turn on or charge. Once I picked up the unit after dropping it, the rear lcd screen was kind of glitched out also. It wouldn't turn off(the screen) so I took the battery out, ever since, it's been dead.

Anyone got any ideas as to what might've bunged out in this thing, what might need replacing or any other ideas?


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I'm not sure about the Hero4. Is there anyway to reset it? If yes, this should be tried first.

If there isn't a way to reset it, or reseting did not solve your issue, then can you place a known good charged battery inside your GoPro and see if it works.

- If the GoPro works with a charged battery BUT does not charge, then either the charging port or the charging circuit on the board are damaged.

The charging port is a pretty straightforward repair that nonetheless requires a professional with the right tolls and skills.

The charging circuit, now that's a different story.. special skills and tools are needed also, and the right type of experience in trouble shooting fixing those things.

- If your GoPro does not run on a charged battery, then something in the board's circuit has been damaged.

Repairing a faulty board that doesn't start is not straightforward; and finding and fixing the issue will rely on the skills of the repair tech and the extent of the damage.

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