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The DVP-SR200P is a Sony DVD player that can play DVD's or CD's and that has four buttons on the front of the device. It is no longer manufactured by Sony.

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My DVD menu is in Spanish I need it in English

What do I have to do to Change my menu from Spanish written to English written please help

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Hi have just purchased an ITV box set of endevor series 1 to 7

Can I change from Spanish to English



But I don't know where the English buttons are..


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Hello April Martin,

  • Power on the DVD player and the TV
  • Without inserting disc press enter on your remote controller
  • OSD : On screen display will be appears 1st option : OSD : " make it English " 2nd option Menu : "make it English " 3rd option is audio : Also you can change it to : English"

Fore more info see page No 12us in manual

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this solution didn't work it only says " Insert Disco"


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On the BluRay DVD for Spectre, the default language was Spanish. If I went to settings, changed the audio to English, and then scrolled down to Captions, the audio setting disappeared and, invisibly, changed back to Spanish. It turned out that you had to hit Enter after setting it and then it would make the change and automatically go down to captions. I don’t know if this helps, but it had me scratching my head for a little while.

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No enter on either remote


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