Why is the air conditioning not working?

On a 2001 E430 Model Mercedes, the air conditioner is not working. The system was recharged in an attempt to fix it, but nothing changed. What steps should be taken to diagnose the issue?

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Have you checked for a blown fuse. I drove my car around for years thinking my air conditioner was shot. Then I discovered a fuse had blown.


I will check this, thank you!


I checked the blower fuses, but they were perfectly fine. The blower runs fine, but basically just blasts hot air. Does this mean that the compressor failed?


It could be that the compressor has locked up. I found this forum and though it may be helpful to you, if you have not already seen it. It may help you to be able to tell if it is the compressor at fault. Here is the link. http://mbworld.org/forums/m-class-w163/1...


Thank you! I recharged the system and that didn't change anything, so the next step will be to check the wires for 12v as mentioned in the thread you linked. Thank you very much for your help.


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