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Best course of action to recover Canon Camcorder from a hot tub?

The other day I was packing up after a house part. While walking by the hot tub with an admittedly over loaded trip, the most expensive item broke loose and went swimming. This item, a Canon Vixia 30 MiniDV Camcorder, was submerged completely for a good minute. The only good thing about this tragedy is that it had an oversized ten hour battery attached which sticks out farther than the stock one. Due to this is shot off. and when the camcorder hit the water, there was not power source of any kind attached. Help!!!

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First thing I'd do is take it out of the hot tub.


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Open it up as far as you can and pack it in rice in a plastic bag for several days. Turn the bag a couple of times a day. Remove it from the bag and let it air dry for several more days turning it till it's done. Stick it with a toothpick and see if the juices run clear or pink. If pink, put it back in the hot tub for 15 more minutes or use a thermometer and cook to 160 degree internal temperature. Cook the rice by adding two cups water for each cup of rice. Just tie the rice bag shut and drop in the tub.

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+i second that but you may not have to put it in the rice or air dry for that long. next time dont be taking videos in the pool! lol


+Best. Answer. Ever.


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