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How can I check my rj45 cable what problem it is?

my rj45 cable is wrong, how can i check what problem it is?


which brand cable tester is better?

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Most brands accomplish the goal some are more functional than others but if you just want to test the cable to see if its OK a multimeter and a couple of pins or needles will do, tape the pins to the end of your multimeter leads set the meter to ohms and make sure you have continuity then carefully touch the ends looking for matching colors. If there's continuity in all 8 wires your good to go. Its a bit slow but if you have a multimeter then why buy a cable tester for just one cable Hope this helps

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you mean multimeter is better than tester right?


a tester is just doing a continuity test all at once were the multimeter your testing one lead at a time.Same job just done slower


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Hello kalvin,

  • Check whether having any damages of cable
  • There is two types of cable configuration

1. Crossover : use for Router,console DCE interconnect

2. Patch : use for peer to peer connection

Here you can find pin identification and cable type identification

You can find any cable broken or loss connectivity using multi meter or cable tester

RJ45 having 4 ground cables (White mixed) even if one of them broken still you have can communicate but full speed will not offer by Ethernet

also data transfer speed also depend on CAT cable type

More info

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Look in the jack where you are plugging it in the wall or device. Check the 1st and last pins (1 and 8) to see whether or not they are bent more than the other pins. This would cause transfer issues.

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There are two things you can do:

1)Buy or borrow a new Ethernet cable; plug it in, see if the problem goes away.

2)Buy or borrow a cheap Lan Cable Tester; It checks for continuity in all eight pins simultaneously, determining whether the cable, or, one of the connected devices are at fault. If you are lucky the Lan tester will identify crossover cables and estimate cable length too.

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