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iPhone 6 antenna problem

I have network problem with my iphone 6.

The problem is sometime i lost signal. I have analize around and found that i have problem with my antenna. When i lost signal all i need to do is squeeze my iphone and the signal will back to normal.

My question is ;

How is bottom antenna work? I heard that iphone 6 use bottom part as the antenna itself but where is the connector. I only found one connector bellow battery connector and then no more so how i can fix network problem on my iphone?

Please dont ask me to reset since i already fix and now that this problem is hardware problem

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This should not be related to the antenna.

iPhone 6 has at least 2 antennas for cell signals and they work at the same time. One is the top band and the other is the dock flex with the bottom band. The lower RF coax cable from next to the battery connector goes into the dock flex and the flex is screwed down onto the band.

If the phone just loses connection when the signal is not bad, usually it's more likely that the cell tower setup/SIM card/baseband firmware is the problem.

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Would this be picked up by apple on a diagnostics check ?


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Change antenna switch ic

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