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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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tablet turns off on its own

My tablet turns off on its own while still charged. Sometimes it will not turn on unless I plug it in and battery is well charged. Also while working the tablet screen goes black and then comes on????

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I have had this exact problem for months. My gf paid a shop to repair it but not sure how much she paid, possibly £30, but it never really solved the problem, it only seemed to be cutting out less regular but now its gradually got worse and now its the worst its ever been. The shop never really fixed it and i should of took it straight back but too late now - i have left it too long. Yes, it stays on most of the time if I keep charger plugged in but I shouldnt have to do that! Might catch fire! And dont trust repair shops unless somewhere repairs on the spot while I watch! Would rather know what the actual problem is then get that part replaced. Im guessing it might be a capacitor or hopefully just electrical connections ... doesn't seem like the characteristics of a battery needing replacing. Id appreciate any help.


Same problem, in mine I saw that the On/Off & Volume Flat cable is broken; I will try to repair by myself and I will tell you the definitive answer.


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I have open my tab back cover with the help of knife then I put a small paper under the battery then its work

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I used my usb connector as long as it's connected to the tab it doesn't turn off by it self

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