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Quinta Geração do Iphone. A Reparação deste dispositivo é correta, requer ferramentas especificas e paciência. GSM/CDMA/16, 32 OR 64 GB/Black or White.

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iPhone is not starting up.

Hi, my iPhone 4S won't start up.

The Apple logo keeps appearing and disappearing when I plug it into the charger.

I had dropped my iPhone in the water, but that was 3 months ago. After drying it for a night, it was working again.

But yesterday, before I went to sleep I was still able to use my iPhone. I plugged it into the charger and then went to sleep, when I woke up I found my iPhone not being able to start up.

I assumed there was a problem with the battery, so I went to a smartphone repair store to replace it. They said that they put in a new battery, but my phone was still not able to start up, because of the water damage (mentioned earlier).

Also, I can't restore the device since it won't appear on iTunes.

Is there a way of repairing my iPhone or do I need to purchase a new one?


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The phone likely needs a complete disassembly and the logic board deep cleaned using an IPA (alcohol) bath at a minimum or an ultrasonic bath in distilled water (best). *Impurities/minerals present in the water get stuck on the electronics and cause corrosion. This should be removed ASAP if you're interested in saving your device. As you continue using it after liquid exposure, corrosion gets progressively worse until the device loses power due to the increased electrical resistance. Eventually, corrosion is built up to a point where device cannot be repaired.

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You mostlikely will need to buy a new phone or at least very soon.

An untreated waterdamaged phone is very very complex task to manage. Even tho many are capable of fixing such a problem, almost noone will do it because it is very time consuming and therefore not profitable. Your phone needs an intense cleaning (and not that youtube alcohol and toothbrush thing) and corroded stuff needs to be replaced.

Remember if you leave a phone to dry and the corosion will continue to progress.

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