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Repair and disassembly guides for Samsung printers.

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Ink smudges from Samsung laser printer?

My 4 yr old Samsung CLX 3175 laser printer leaves ink smudges. Sometiomes the effect is as if wet ink sheets were stacked up and rubbed off, often there are also yellow curved smudges, usually in 3 separate spots fairly evenly spaced in a row. I have wiped everything clean that I can reach internally. Any suggestions?

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When did this happen?


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This problem occurred in my Samsung CLP-315 after I replaced the black toner cartridge. It disappeared after shaking the cartridge horizontally and gently tapping it in order to loosen and spread the toner more evenly.

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Maybe it is too much ink. If it is refillable ink, just use the perfect amount of ink into the cartridge.

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