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The PowerBook G4 Titanium Series was initially announced at Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld Expo in January 2001.

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Will LCD from a Mercury work in an Onyx?

Will the LCD assembly from a 400 MHz Titanium Mercury work in a 550 MHz Titanium Onyx?

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I finally got a used Mercury laptop for cheap. It had a bad logic board. I can confirm that the logic boards and keyboards on the Onyx and Mercury are not interchangeable. The Onyx uses PC 133 RAM so it can be used in a Mercury (PC100) but not vice versa. However, I was able to successfully transplant the Mercury's LCD assembly into the Onyx and now I have video. The optical drives, modems and hard disks are also interchangeable.

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Since they have different part numbers I would think they are not acceptable swaps, but wait for Ben to be sure. Mercury 661-2539 Onyx 661-2568 Ralph

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If you have the other display compare the connectors and cable lenghts. Ralph


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