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The Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 combines advance imaging components with a rugged build so it can go along wherever your adventures may take you.

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How deep underwater can this camera go?

This camera has an underwater feature, how far underwater can it go.

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The limit is 16 feet underwater. Any deeper puts the camera at risk to water leakage.

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Olympus Stylus Tough 6020

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Besides it consider the following:

Olympus garante depths of up to 16.4 feet (5m) for up one hour (01:00).

Only in water (salt or fresh water only ).

Do not use in hot springs (because of sulfur) or oil or other chemicals liquid.


I own one Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 for more than a year, sometimes I forget and stay swimming more than one hour with it. The lense became wet and foggy .

I have to leave the battery compartment open (without battery an memory card) for at least 24 hours to the fog on lenses decrease.

It is a slow camera. From off to turn on and take the first picture it takes about 10seconds. To save in a class 10 SD memory card it tooks about 3 seconds (5 M pixels ) .

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Below just a copy from Olympus support site (because the manufactures sometimes stop publishing informations about old models ) :

How can I maintain the waterproof capability of the camera?

The camera loses its waterproof capability if the battery/card compartment cover or the connector cover is open. Before using the camera, make sure that all the covers are closed firmly so that each lock makes a clicking sound. Do not open the battery compartment cover or the connector cover with wet hands, while underwater, or in a damp or dusty environment (e.g. the beach).

In addition, take the following care precautions when using your camera:

Follow all recommended care and maintenance instructions in the product manual.

After using the camera in an environment where it may be exposed to dirt, dust or sand, wash the camera using the following method:

Fill a bucket with fresh water, immerse the camera in the bucket with the lens surface downward and shake the camera thoroughly.

Press the power button several times in the water and close/open the lens cover repeatedly.

Shake the camera further with the lens cover opened.

Let the camera air dry in the shade with good ventilation.

Do not leave the camera in water for a prolonged period. Doing so can damage the camera's appearance and/or deteriorate water resistance.

Do not pour running water over the camera directly from a water faucet. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.

Do not use chemicals for cleaning, rust prevention, anti-fogging, repair, etc. Doing so can deteriorate the camera's water resistance.

Do not leave the camera in an environment at high temperature (104° F / 40° C or greater) or very low temperature (14° F / -10° C or lower). Doing so may break down water resistance.

Do not apply excessive force to or attempt to peel off the rubber backing of the battery compartment cover or the connector cover.

If the rubber backing becomes worn or damaged, contact the nearest Olympus service center. (A charge will be assessed for replacement of parts.)

Olympus recommends replacing the waterproof packing and seals annually.


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I have a Tough Stylus. It has been under water to times and each times the buttons stopped responding and I had to send to Olympus Warranty shop.


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