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ZTE Boost MAX N9520 boasts a 5.7-inch HD IPS Display with 4G LTE and Android 4.1.

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ZTE Boost MAX N9520 will not power o or charge.

ZTE Boost MAX N9520 does not charge or turn on.

Purchased the phone 2 moths ago. o issues or problems until yesterday. The phone shut itself off due to low battery.plugged phone so it wold charge. phone ever charged and it will not power on.

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How much would it cost to get my charger port fixed in Chicago, Illinois?


My phone is not charging


I plugged my phone, but very second it keeps turning off and one saying power disconnected or power connected. I don't know whats wrong. I dropped it in the toilet but for 1 second and completely dried it off. I need help.


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Hi mi,

It seems to me that you need to replace your battery. Unfortunately, iFixit doesn't currently have a guide for that, but I bet that if you spend some time searching for a replacement battery you can fix it yourself.


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so, how do you replace the battery? i see no where that you can open the phone.


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Try holding the power button and the volume up or down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds or so. Should come on.

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