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Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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I've got vertical lines on my iMac 27" screen

After I opened it to replace the HDD I got vertical lines, after return from an authorized Apple they return even more problematic, they said that the LCD was damaged, but I just open as I do always, I thought that is the cable/connector.

Has anybody pass thought the same problem?


Here the screen photo

Block Image

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Sounds like a TAB error. Post an image of what your screen looks like with your question for confirmation.


If the lines disappear when you apply pressure on the upper vertical edge of the LCD, where the tabs are bonded, you know that the bond has failed. There is really not much of an DIY fix for it.


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Sadly, yes!

The newer 'Thin Series' systems are much harder to open without damaging the LCD panel. One needs to have the correct tools and take ones time. You need to follow the IFIXT guide iMac Intel 27" EMC 2546 Display Replacement on where to pry and you mustn't pry to hard as that is the root issue on why people kill their displays.

I killed my first one too so don't kick your self to hard here.

Here’s one source for the display 27” iMac Display Assembly, Apple P/N 661-7169

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I need to change all the LCD? I am trying to buy one, but the price is very very high, if I convert into dollars just the lcd is US1500,00, there is no other workaround?


Please give us the last four figures of your serial number so I can check for a possible recall.


While this vid is about LCD TV's the same issues apply to computer displays: LCD Display problems. The problem you are facing is the damage along the edge on the backside you nicked the fine contacts that tie into the driver logic.


Mayer, I will get the serial and place here.


the last 4 digits are DNMP


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I know this is a very old thread but I believe I have solved the mystery. I purchased a used 27 iMac 5k with 3 black lines on the right hoping I could fix it. I tried everything to figure out why it was bad, GPU, cables, cable connectors, etc. I've also read every question on this topic on this site. It was not until I removed the metal shield on the top rear of the LCD that I saw that it had several cable ribbons from the long PCB connected to the screen. At first I thought the leads were bad, but upon closer inspection I noticed three of the ribbon cables were cut. 3 black lines on the right. 3 ribbon cables cut on the right. It appears that when the last person tried to get into this, they may have used a sharp blade or razor to cut the adhesive. In doing so they sliced too deep and cut into the ribbons! I don't know if the ribbons can be replaced or the rear PCB. I have never seen it sold anywhere and the soldering is so fine it can't be done by hand. :(

See pics:

Block Image

Block Image

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You'll need to replace the display assembly [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF174-035]


Already purchased. :)


To add a bit more context here: Note how you have sharp bands unlike the OP's display.

There are three distinct ways you can damage the display

● Prying which damages discreet lines which is what the OP encountered often creates a fine line

● Tearing away the ribbon cable from the LCD panel by snagging it, creating a wide line

● Cutting too deep which is what your system faced causing a wide black strip

All of which gets down to using the correct tools and technique!


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The golden rules, when taking the display off:

  1. Never go deeper, with the cutting tool, than 7.5 millimiters (al around the screen).
  2. Never pry (the cutting tool should always be parallel to the screen glass).
  3. You should cut the ribon in every place, all around the screen.
  4. Once all the ribon is cut, put some tape on top of the screen, to avoid it falling.
  5. Work on a soft surface, like above towels or something similar, just in case the screen falls.

And, finally, whenever posible, work with the machine lying down (and not upright), as you will reduce the chances of the screen falling off.

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@pedrogsb - Yep! Them's the rules in taking it off! Here's the rules on putting it back on:


1. Fully clean the metal case edge of any remaining adhesive

2. Fully clean off the remaining adhesive on the display. Use care as you can damage the black paint either scratching it or stain it with the solvent.

3. Don't lift the black tape!

Use a plastic razor blade covered with a micro cloth dampened with reagent grade isopropyl alcohol 85% or better on the metal surfaces you can use Goof Off but you will need to use the isopropyl alcohol afterwards to clean it off.


1 - Warm the case and the display assembly as a cold case or display will interfere with the adhesives ability to adhere! Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the case. You might find a heat pad works well for the display! We only need to heat the edges.

2 - Apply the proper tape strips onto the case. Make sure you don't block the microphone hole/s depending on the model.

3 - Attach the display (still warm) use a hair dryer/heat gun to keep the edge warm! Not hot!!

4 - With the system on its back use a rubber roller to press the display down so the adhesive has been pressed into the glass. Use care! Don't roll over the edge or go into the active display area.

5 - Flip the system over so the weight of the case is pressing on the display (desk covered with a clean towel) apply some weight I use a 20 lbs dumb weight on the foot to help press. again keep the case warm for a good half hour.


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Is this the same issue?

Block Image


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Did you ever replace the screen? Check the ribbon cable to see if there are any cuts or damage.


Sadly yes, you damaged the display in the process of taking it off. Sorry ;-{


Ha! two different answers. I am waiting for the kit to arrive to see what's up. The repair person who damaged the screen (if that's what it is) says it's the logic board. But I've got two 1080p displays running just fine. Im also in nepal, so parts take months to get here. For example, I won't get the iFixit SSD upgrade kit until Jan 2021. Maybe the cable is just not seated properly? I guess ill find out next year...

Also, perhaps I should also order a cable, just in case its cut. But there are two cables... is it just the display cable that is in danger of cutting? thx!


@herojig - No its not the displays data cable, thats for sure! (the cable from your logic board to the display)

The cable yingwang01 is talking about is the ribbon cables which attach directly to the LCD glass panel. In the process of taking the display off the person slid a knife deeply and it went to far slicing it! This is not repairable!

The issue the original OP had was exactly what happened to me! The first time I tried servicing the newer 2012 iMac's back then we had nothing to work off of like we do today. I had pressed to hard damaging the same cables but unlike yingwang01 system I only damaged a few lines (10 at most) Vs the 50 or so the knife cut through.

In your case the thin line is like what happened to me and the larger one is where you may have snagged the ribbon pulling it free from the LCD panel its self.

Don't take my word for it! Prove it to your self! Take the display off and then remove the cover plate as yingwang01 described. If you look carefully you'll see the damaged ribbon cables.

In the end you need a new display assembly to fix this.


Ha, thx! Saved me30 bucks as I cancelled the order in time. SO, in that light, I don't even need the display. If there were a case I could repackage the entire desktop in, I would. Have u ever heard of anyone doing that?


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