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Shirts worn on your torso to keep you from coldness and nudity. Repair is generally pretty straightforward with the help of a sewing machine.

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How do I repair holes in the elbows of a cashmere sweater?

Just one elbow of this awesome cashmere sweater has worn through. Patches perhaps!! But what kind? Suede? Iron on or sew on?

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Neiman Marcus sells cashmere sweaters with suede elbow patches. Take a look at these but you may want a professional to put them on:

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Caution: suede patches cant be hand washed, so youre committing to a lifetime of dry cleaning bills. I hand wash all my expensive cashmere with beautiful results. Id suggest knitted or felted patches, sewn on or felted into the knit. If sewing, youll want to secure the frayed ends underneath with stitching or possibly an anti-fraying glue (depending on size of hole and thickness of knit)

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Here’s a link to a video that shows how to apply patches to a sweater.

Depending on the size of the holes at the elbow, darning could also be an option. Here’s a link:

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