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The Tegra Note 7 is made by Nvidia and branded by graphics firm EVGA. This device is known as the EVGA Tegra Note 7 in the United States, Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 in the Philippines, Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 in the United Kingdom, Gigabyte Tegra Note 7 in Australia and New Zealand, Gradiente Tegra Note 7 in Brazil, Gazer Tegra Note 7 in Ukraine and Russia, and XOLO PLAY Tegra Note 7 in India.

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Screen Replacement; Tegra Note 7

Does anyone know how to replace the screen on the tegra note 7

I cracked mine. I just don't know how to take the tablet apart.

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Where you bought the replacement?

It is impossible to get, as you did?

Thank you


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The tablet is held together with clips along the seem in the sides of the tablet. If you plan to open the device, be sure to remove the SD card, Flip Cover (or slot protector), stylus, and SIM card if applicable. To open the device, slide the end of a nail file or other slim object into the seem and work along the edges carefully. Each clip should yield with a click but you have to be careful not to break them.

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