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iPhone 4s iCloud

My iPhone 4s 32gb is iCloud locked I bought it from eBay buy it is iCloud locked what should I do now?

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active icloud iphone 4s


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If you bought it from ebay, payed it with paypal, you can get a refund if the seller did not tell you it was locked.

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Try contacting the seller to see if they can provide the apple id password to deactivate the icloud lock. Most likely the phone was lost or stolen and resold so now you are stuck with a brick. There is no bypass for icloud lock (beware of scammers trying to tell you that there is). If the seller can't won't help you then your best bet is to recoup what you can by selling the phone for parts.

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The seller says he don't know anything about the owner and he can't help me.


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hello guyes today i will teach a magic tricks

if you have a bill of this iphone or secon hand device copy so just go to apple store and solve your problem just present your bill copy to store keeper and say story

and he remove after a week of conforming this

other wise

iphone 4 is a java besed bool you also bypass this stap by

some tools

in dfu mode tools is pass jar file in to iphone and its on ssh port inside the iphone

when you boot iphone connect to wifi and just get her ip

put ip on putty or other ssh client on pc or mac then type some command and go to apllication diractory

and rename the to and boot agian

phone was start

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