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Sixth generation of Apple’s wireless base station, released June 2013. The tower provides dual-band support wireless access and is Apple’s first router with 802.11ac technology.

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Trying to use the A1521 to extend my network

I have replaced my A1521 with a new DLink DIR-890L as my primary wireless router. My older Airport Extreme Base Station hopped on and exteneded DLink wifi network allowing me to network printers via Cat 5 cables. My newer Airport Express acted in kind. When I try to get the A1521 to allow me to "Add to an existing network" it announces that it can't locate any base stations. I don't understand why the newest apple wifi tech I own will not join the same DLink wifi network the older Apple tech hopped onto. Please help. I need the network ports on the A1521 for other non-wifi hardware. Hard reset has not fixed the issue.

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i have the same issue! extending my DIR890l with my airport express

also tried using an other extender, who wil find only the 2,4 netw not the 5ghz

please advies


@Peter - Did you download the either of the Apps I've posted below? You do understand 5.0 GHz bands don't not offer the same distances as 2.4GHz bands. Rangel extension (WiFi to Wifi) does require two different bands to be effective. You may want to look at extending your wired network a bit to hookup your second AP Vs having it going over the air.



thx for your reply, but my Airport express is located next to my router, so distance cannot be an issue


So how many apple branded routers do you have?


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The Apple AirPort base stations CANNOT extend the wireless range of non-Apple wireless routers. That is because they use a propriety method to do so with other AirPort base stations.

However, the AirPort Extreme base station can "extend" other non-Apple wireless routers if the connection between them is wired.

On the other hand, the AirPort Express base station can "join" an existing non-Apple Wi-Fi network as a wireless bridge to share a USB printer.

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As I understand it the best way to accomplish the above is to connect the AirPort Extreme to the router you wish to 'extend' via its ethernet port (and that can go via a power line network through your power cables) then tell your AirPort Extreme to "CREATE" a network but use the same network name and password as your original router uses. That SEEMS to me to be there a better way I am not sure. But simply saying "extend the wifi network" definitely didn't work for me. Am using this with a Virgin Media smart wifi device (Hub 3).


This seems to have worked for me - also switched to bridge mode. Thanks


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I would start off checking the range of your Base Station. Give this App a try: NetSpot. The other App I use is this one: WiFi Signal It will help in figuring out what is the best frequencies to use. One problem you can encounter is the AirPorts will try to daisy-chain to each other Vs connecting to your DLink Router. This is where you'll need to use the AirPort Utility to set different frequencies for the different AirPort units.

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