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MITSUBISHI WD-73C9 rear projection dlp HDTV

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Inputs do not work

The TV stopped displaying any pictures for any devices connected to the 4 HDMI inputs on the rear of the set. I've connected DirecTV, Cable, and my receiver to the all of the HDMI inputs with no picture displaying. I've reinitialized the set using both Menu2470/initalize/enter and Menu123enter/initialize reset the inputs to the HDMI 1 set it for cable and still nothing on the screen or audio. The components still function with the expected lower picture quality

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It sounds like the HDMI controller IC is gone on the main board. Go to this site, they will actually help you fix your TV...Sort of like iFixit....

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I made a mistake and deleted my input and the HDMI it won't let me go to anything but the antenna and it won't let me cut that off I'm trying to see how to get the input and the HDMI back cna anyone plz help me fix it thanks

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same issue do you know the fix


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