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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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Why does it run so slowly?

It runs very slowly and does not finish some tasks at all

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Often systems slow down when the hard drive is quite full. I do recommend leaving about 1/4 to 1/3 of the disk free as Windows (and most other OS's) use the hard drive space as virtual RAM as well as swap file space.

So the first think here is go though your files and apps and throw away (or off load to an external drive) as much as you can.

The next step is very important! make a backup on what you have left on your drive to an external drive (backup drive) this external drive should be dedicated for backing up and ideally at least 3 times larger than what your internal disk is so you can make multiple backup images.

OK, now the tough part defraging the hard drive. Depending on the version of Windows you have Windows offers some basic drive defragmenting functions. Personally, I like using a 3rd party tool like Diskeeper as they tend to go much deeper and can offer other functions that are useful.

After doing this you should be running faster. If you find the drive is failing then its time to get a new drive or think about upgrading to a new system.

Don't forget to check your RAM the more RAM you have the less your system will use the hard drive for virtual RAM.

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1)Check for viruses some good free AV programs are Malwarebytes or Comodo.

2) use disk clean up under all programs > accessories > system tools

3) use disk defrag under all programs > accessories > system tools

4) limit what programs run at startup. click start > in the search box type msconfig > startup and disable all programs you do not use often from auto starting when the pc starts.

5) right click your local disk in the computer tab, go to properties > tools and run error checking.

6) check your ram and CPU usage CTRL + ALT + DEL > performance check if your CPU and ram usage are under 80%. High CPU or ram usage can also be signs of a virus, if you have run a virus check and still have high RAM/CPU usage it may be time for a new PC.

All of these things can cause a slow down in your PC and often it is difficult to pinpoint the problem without testing all of these options in order.

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Reinstall the Operating system...Vista's end of life is coming soon...I would upgrade it to Windows 7....This computer is very much capable of running 7 without issues.


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You can also use Ccleaner to clean up temp files and registry errors, and defraggler to defrag the drive. These programs are safe and simple to use and are free.

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Good answers above. How much RAM have you got...?

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A problem in Windows Automatic Update has been causing slow-running, high CPU load, and overfilled RAM since -XP days ( and still today in Win-7 Home Premium, 64-bit). Turn on the Task Manager with a control-shift-Escape and see if the CPU is full (100%) even while nothing else is running. Also look at the memory usage and see if it is above half of all installed memory. Click the 'Resource Monitor...' button and look for "svchost.exe(something)" at the top of the list & showing excess CPU use. Luckily the answer is simple: turn OFF Automatic Updates --- click Start, Control Panel, System & Security, Windows Update/Turn automatic updating on or off. You can always go through the same path to Windows Update and do a manual search for updates anytime that is desired.

Good luck!

a r t

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If your computer is running slow so maybe any kind of virus has reached in your computer.

You can cleanup your computer.

You can remove temp files of your computer.

You can run clean mgr in your computer.

You can remove all unwanted software from your computer which you have downloaded.

You should put anti virus in your computer and scan your computer by anti virus once in a month.

You have to up to date your anti virus .

You can clean dust also from your computer by blower.

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first you need to install Ccleaner and clean your computer and install Hitmanpro and run a full scan it deletes malware, spyware and junks file from your computer.

Upgrading your RAM You have to upgrade your ram for better performance.

Disk defragment-

Go to startup button-> All programs,->Accessories-> System Tools-> disk-defrag. this will organize your files on your hard-drive so that they are easier for the hard-drive to access and produce faster speeds.

Edit your performance

Click the Start button and select “System.” Click “Advanced System Settings” on the left and click the “Settings” button under Performance

Choose “Adjust for best performance” under Visual Effects to disable all the animations, or select “Custom” and disable the individual animations if you don’t want to see or you can select for better performance..

To Know more please visit at

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For older computers: Older computers that came with at least Vista, are sometimes limited on how much RAM can be installed even if your running a 64bit system (for example, this PC that I am on... Is from 2007 and came with Vista, I have maxed out the RAM to 4GB which is the limit of the motherboard) so what do I do if I want it to go faster?

The best upgrade for an older PC is installing an SSD. In most cases, a mechanical Hard Drive is the bottleneck in old or new systems.

For New Computers: You should have at least 8GB RAM (16GB RAM is the norm), An SSD for the system drive, and mechanical drive(s) as data storage.

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