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The Lenovo E330 ThinkPad Edge is a 13.3" stylish and durable laptop directed towards small-business.

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Green and purple screen when lifting the laptop?

One year old Lenovo thinkpad edge E330 that has been used to program in .net and browsing. had first time problem with this laptop Wednesday 4th of march 2015, when I tilted the laptop which i had in my knee the screen turned green/ purple and was all pixalated into blurring colors. Could not see the screen except the blurred green-purple fizz and could not shut down laptop with the start button by pressing it. Pulled the battery out and restarted it on a flat surface. re installed the OS same day.

Laptop seem to be working fine for another day and then just now I took the laptop on my knee again (lifting while on) and the screen turns green-purple and pixalated again.

Pulled battery out to restart and once on again I actually saw my old start background picture which I had before re installing the OS yesterday!

Because I saw the old picture before the computer changed back to my new background picture it made think that it must be a hardware fault.

It works well when placed on a flat surface like a table, but not when tilted which is a sign of something like a cable that is slipping then and then.

What do you think?

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i think you shuldn't buy chinese crap!


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This is most definitely the LCD screen cable. I've had this issue countless times. When you open/close the laptop it causes the LCD cable to flex. The cable may have a short, or it may need to be re-seated (it's come loose internally).

This cable would fix it:

But like I said, you may just need to re-seat the cable at the motherboard. Look around here in the guides for a teardown of your laptop. It's not a difficult fix.

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Keep the laptop off of your lap. They are called laptops because of their size (as wide as your lap) and not because you can sit them on your on your lap for any extended time. This series of Lenovo laptops are very sensitive to the heat generated by the cpu and the graphics processor. If you look at the bottom of the laptop you will see that the cooling fan is in a location that is directly on your leg, when the laptop is on your lap, thus no air can be circulated to the cpu and gpu cooler. This can result in serious overheating and cause weird things to happen. You might want to consider removing or have someone remove the heatsink, clean it up and replace the coolant grease where applicable. Also blow the dust from the fan and the heatsink fins. Just remember that heat is the worst enemy of a computer

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its called laptop because you use ot on top of your lap, like if it was a desktop you would use it on top of a desk!!!


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