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The Asus VivoBook Q200E-BSI3T08 touchscreen laptop was manufactured by Asus in 2012.

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Where to buy LCD Display Screen?

My Asus Q200E LCD screen has gone black and wont respond to anything I've tried. Is there anyplace I can buy a replacement?

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Google it :D

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There are a few places where you can find a replacement screen, but here is a link to one

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eBay is usually the cheapest source for LCD panels. It is best to check the manufacturer part number on the back of the LCD panel and search for a replacement by that part number rather than searching by the laptop model. Laptop manufacturers sometimes change the panels throughout the product lifecycle and sometimes different the different panels aren't compatible. It is uncommon, but I have seen it happen. Since you need to pull the panel to replace it anyway you might as well do it right and not have any doubts.

Now that said, a black screen isn't necessarily indicative of a bad LCD panel are you getting video on an external monitor?


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