Battery replaced twice - still rebooting during restore

When I received the iPad it was in recovery mode(connect to red itunes logo) and after taking it apart one of the battery cells was inflated to tripple size which made it seem like an obvious battery problem.

Replacing the battery with a new one(twice!) didnt help though and it still fails recovery(or DFU restore) with error 9 due to the iPad rebooting just before the progress bar starts to move.

The old battery had APN: 616-0586(iPad 3) and the new ones I tried had 616-0592 and 616-0593(iPad 4) - would that explain it or make a difference when they're the same otherwise?

What else could it be? Could the inflated battery cell have caused damage to the logic board charging/battery IC?Anyone successfully fix similar problems?

Very much open for suggestions here,

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