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The Logitech M215 is a wireless, optical sensor mouse. It connects via USB to the computer and should run off generic device drivers.

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Why won't my mouse turn on?

My mouse was previously working, but no longer seems to be turned on. Neither the LED on top of the mouse, nor the optical sensor are lit up. I've tried using the on/off switch to restart the mouse several times, but it does not light up.

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I changed batteries still LED doesn’t come or blink either. The mouse seems to be working is this LED light necessary


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Hi @ Vicente Morales,

According to the User guide for your mouse, the LED light is a power On/battery level indicator.

This appears to be its’ only function.

You state that the mouse performs OK so the only problem for you may be when the battery level starts to fall to a low value, the mouse starts to behave erratically and you have forgotten that the LED doesn’t work/flash to remind you about the low battery state and you're wondering what’s going on.

There is a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty (depending on location) on your device (as shown on this webpage, so perhaps you may wish to check this out for your mouse to see if the warranty is still valid. Just a thought.

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Most likely it is a dead battery simply replace the battery. If the light does not come on you may have a faulty LED and will have to replace the LED.

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