Dim Screen after iOS update - artifacts, burnt in images

A friend asked me to help him with his iPad. He said that after he tried to do a software update (not sure to what version but probably around the time 8.0.2 came out) the screen went very dim. I have just finished trying to restore the iPad to the latest iOS 8.1.3. The display is still very dim. The backlight does change when you adjust the brightness slider but at maximum brightness it is just barely possible to see what is on the screen. What makes me think this is software related is there are remnants of previous screen images overlaying the current screen. For example, when I restored the ipod, I entered DFU mode so the screen showed the "Connect to iTunes" images. After restoring and rebooting there is no change to the dimness but the "Connect to iTunes" images are still showing up on top of the normal screens. Even if I power off the iPad and turn it back on that image still appears as if it is permanently burned into the LCD. There are more previous screen images appearing underneath the current screen as well (e.g., I can see the System Settings window faintly under whatever screen I'm currently on). I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and if it required a new logic board, new LCD, or if you were able to resolve it with software tricks.

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