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The Asus X200MA is a portable touchscreen laptop with an 11.6" display. This device was manufactured in 2014 and is also identified as Asus X200MA-RCLT07.

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Why won't my screen turn on?

My laptop starts and I can hear it running but my screen stays black.

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I have the same problem so i plugged in a external moniter and it works so it might rule out the mother board. also while on external moniter i noticed the mouse and touch screen on the laptop work


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This is probably a symptom of a broken screen, it may also be due to a loose connection or issues with your motherboard. Refer our troubleshooting guide for more help on this issue.

Asus X200MA Troubleshooting

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There's actually no "guide" in your link above. It just stated the cause of the problem but didn't give the troubleshooting steps to be done. I badly need to fix it. More help pls?


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Also, check the battery, it may not be charged. You might just need to plug it in!

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Check RAM

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