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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Problems Charging

Unable to charge laptop or experience inconsistent charging.

Bad Charging Cable

Try a new charging cable to see if the problem is in the cable or in the laptop itself.

Bad Battery

If the charging cable is not the problem, it is possible that the issue is the battery. Make sure the battery is not the problem by attempting to charge with a new battery installed.

Bad Power Plug

If neither a bad charging cable nor a bad battery are the problem, then you most likely have a broken power plug which needs to be replaced.

Reduced battery performance

Battery power doesn't last very long.

Drained/Bad Battery

If battery dies after using for a short amount of time, the cause of this may be a drained battery. Try charging the battery fully, use for a short amount of time, and if the problem continues, the battery must be replaced.

Screen Display Is Dark

When laptop starts up, screen stays black.

Bad Display

If you can hear the machine start but the screen stays black you may have a bad display which typically requires a full display replacement.

Flickering Screen

Laptop screen flickers or has horizontal/vertical lines disrupting image.

Loose Connection

This problem is possibly caused by a loose connection between the motherboard and the screen display. If this is the case, re-securing the connection could fix the issue. This requires disassembling the laptop and checking each connection.

Bad Display

If a loose connection is not the problem then the entire display may need replacement.

Bad Motherboard

If neither repairing connections or replacing the display works, then the problem most likely lies in the motherboard.

Boot Problems

Computer does not turn on properly or makes clicking and grinding noises while preparing to start.

Damaged Hard Drive (HDD)

The problem might be your hard drive.

Possible causes of this are:

  • Your computer is bumped or jostled while it is running;
  • The electric motor which allows the platter to spin fails due to bad bearings or other components
  • The filter on your air intake gets too clogged or the filter isn't working properly
  • Extreme heat while running causes the electronic circuit board to fail;
  • There is a sudden power failure while the disk is writing.

Poor/Inconsistent Touch Pad Tracking

The mouse or touch pad behaves irratically; left clicks instead of right clicks, or doesn't work at all, there is no response to the computer when the pad is touched.

Software Issues

This is an issue that can often be fixed by finding the right ASUS drivers to download for your mouse.

Hardware Issues

There have been many reports of manufacturing errors or hardware issues with this laptop, if the drivers are not sufficient then the touch pad has to be cleaned or replaced.

No webcam in device manager. Where is the plug for the webcam on the motherboard?. I replaced the HD disk to SSD and maybe I broke the connection to my webcam or maybe the plug is not seating correctly.

John Nishimura - Responder

I replaced my HDD with SSD. My webcam stopped working. I might have broken my connection to or not seating the connector properly. I do not know which connector goes to my webcam therefore, where do I check for the correct connector to webcam. Any answer will be appreciated.

John Nishimura - Responder

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