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Laser sensor, four buttons, trackball

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Right click not working.

I can't get my wireless mighty mouse to sense my right clinking. It just left-clicks wherever i touch. I already opened it and tried to do some stuff (ehm...).

I think it might have to do with that extractable metal thin plate that sits under where the middle right finger rests (more or less).

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See if this may do it: Go into your system preferences and mouse settings and make sure that "secondary click" is selected. And you can choose the option of whether you want your secondary click to be on the right or the left.

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I think that article is about the Magic Mouse, while I have the Mighty. And actually i don't have that menu.

However, I really don't know how, now it's back working... Mystery...

Thanks anyway for the interest!

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The same has happened to me! And I've tried to change the settings (making sure the right click is the Secondary Button) but it just won't work. I don't know what I should do. The Right-Cick hasn't been working for about 2 weeks.

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I turned Secondary Button off and on. Worked!

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