non responsive home button but touch ID works. What to do

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So I have a problem. I replaced my iPhone battery but then my home button stopped working. The touch ID still works. It's not 100% responsive but it still lets me in my phone. The home button does not work at all! I thought the home button cable was damaged so I replaced it with a new home button but still, not responding. Does this mean I need to get a new dock connector because the home button connector is damaged? And also, if I do get a new dock connector, will my touch ID still work with the original home button cable?


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Try to remember if at any time when removing the old battery, you pried between the battery and the logic board, causing something to partially or completely break off. Look there. Also examine the home button cable.

And did you try clean (cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol) the home button connector and/or properly reseat your home button flex cable?

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I didn't remove the screen assembly so I pried more from the side (away from the logic board) and the bottom. Maybe something just damaged when I tried prying it from the bottom near the dock connector assembly :[. I ordered a new dock connector so we'll see what happens. Thanks for the quick responses!


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If your problem is the dock connector, then yes, a new dock connector will work with your undamaged touch id sensor. These things don't just fail though, look hard to see if you can find visible damage. Let that be your guide.


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Check to see if any diodes/chips were knocked off or damaged. Check the home button connector on the charger side, see if any pins were damaged. When you plug in the fingerprint/home button flex, make sure it's in there and not half way in. You should feel a soft click.

Your fingerprint will still work if you replace the charging dock connector. The unique chip is on the button itself.

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