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Phones manufactured by Acer.

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Charging dosn't work for phone

My acer liquid e3 doesn't charge and its not the charger

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not plone a &&^&^$^ truck


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1/ Not the charger?


2/ Not the cable?

3/ The wall plug/adapter if any?

4/ Is your battery accessible? (I think for the Acer E3 it is)

5/ Can you visually inspect it to see if it is swollen? (I think you can inspect it) => swollen = bad, may not hold charge, replace it.

6/ Will your phone turn on and work if connected to the charger with the battery removed? => replace battery and try again to see if new battery will hold a charge.

If you rule out all of the above, let us know to investigate further, as it could be the charging dock (where the charging cable plugs into the phone), or something wrong on the logic board, etc.

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maybe your battery have been over used so it may drain


im having the same problem, tried replacing battery but still no joy. It wont turn on neither. I did drop it beforehand but also the battery hasnt been lasting long at all before it happened. please help itsmy work phone and im loosing business.


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i put it on change and it keep on tuurn on then off

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