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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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Airport has trouble working with 802.11n wi-fi.

I have a PowerBook Pismo 500 mhz with 1 gig of ram, airport card installed, running 10.3.9, I have found that I can not use internet at a home I am house sitting, owner changed wi-fi unit to a "wireless N" Linksys, my laptop was able to log in but after one page or two, the internet freezes up, one can only use the Ethernet cable to use the internet. Airport software tells me the correct address, strong (maxed out signal) reception and correct password. Any Ideas on how to make this wireless work? I know 10.4 has more options, but I am unable to install 10.4, when I do it tells me Mail is not compatible, also, does anyone know a way around that problem?

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Please hold down the option key as you click the wifi button on the top right corner as seen here, as rab has said, your laptop is not wireless N compatible, but the intermittent signal is another problem. The fact that you were running on the wifi for a short period of time means that it is most likely broadcasting B and G. Sorry but I won't give you the steps to access the router as you do not own it, and b/g is enabled by default so unless the owner turned it off, it should still work.

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Rab and Gabe, thanks for the info,my own personal wi-fi router is also a Linksys but it runs both B and G and has not given me any trouble, I believe it has to do more with 10.4 , it has more options to work with wireless n, I was able to login to this network with 10.4 and a first gen airport card.


I figured out the trouble, the wi-fi network code is set to WAP2 and my airport card only reads WEP, yes i could change the router, but since its not mine, I will leave well enough alone, I did find a compatible network card, acts like airport extreme when installed, sadly they would not let me pick it up, it was only 5 miles away, they shipped it... is now in WI. I am in Ca., so much for quick painless and free shipping.....


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Your laptop's NIC is not 802.11n compatible. Depending on what router you're using, you may be able to change settings (AirPort's do this automatically) so it can broadcast b and g as well.

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