Why is my screen acting weird after repair?

Before I go into my actual question, I should state that I'm familiar with fixing iPhones of various services and generations. Anyway, I was given the task of fixing an iPad 2, in which I have never done before. I followed tutorials off of YouTube and in the process I had damaged the Wi-Fi antenna. I ended up fixing that antenna, and when I finally finished the repair, I was confused as to why the screen was acting up. The cables for the LCD and Digitizer are all locked in and secure, but the screen only selectively works. This may be a case of not putting in the Digitizer correctly because I noticed that the home button isn't working, which I assume means it wasn't placed in correctly (P.S. the iPad 2 Digitizer I ordered had the home button already installed). While I could easily change the positioning of the Digitizer in the frame, I was just wondering if an incorrectly placed screen could really mess with how the entire iPad responds to touch. Or could this be happening because of the LCD?

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