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A zipper found on clothing and gear to keep everything zipped up!

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Where can I get a new slide?

I have a Patagonia fleece jacket that has a broken zipper slide; the pull tab came off. Where can I get a new slide that fits my jacket so I can follow your instructions for replacing it?

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Go to your local fabric mart and ask one of the old ladies.

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This answer is anachronistic and likely insulting to women who work in this dying retail business. Our "local fabric store" has both male and female employees, all of whom are significantly younger than I am. I was hoping Patagonia carried replacement parts for their products.


It's OK, I'm an an anachronism at 73 and working in a dying business of Macintosh repair, so we all have to suck it up some. But those old ladies are just like I am, real professionals that know their business.


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