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Released in 1998, the FDL-220R Watchman is a portable television and radio with a color LCD screen. It is the last Watchman model produced by Sony.

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Why does my TV screen show a vertical red line/static?

When I switch my Watchman into TV-mode, I can only see static and a vertical red line that moves across the screen. How can I fix it to get a clear picture?

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The red line going across the screen is the device notifying you that it is trying to receive a signal. The antennas may have gotten damaged over time and the device is not able to pick up a signal. I had an older watchman like this several years ago, and the red line is the device seeking reception and not finding a strong signal.

*edit* Forgot to mention that the US has discontinued analog television signals since 2009, so you most likely will never again receive reception.

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