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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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What are the measurements of the thermal pads and how many?

I'm looking to change the stock thermal padding for the GDDR5 RAM etc. but I don't know the measurements of each piece or how many individual pads I'll have to cut.

It makes me more comfortable knowing exactly what I'll need. No one has this question's answer on Google so you'll be setting the milestone.

Edit. Are there thermal pads covering things other than the RAM? If so, where, how big and how many? Thanks!

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These pads are approx. 9mmx9mm you can just make them 10mm x 10mm though since there is plenty of room to make them bigger.

Here are a few pics.

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks for the answer! Do you know how many 10x10mm pieces there are? Are there any pieces that are different measurements? If so, how many?


There are 8 on the top side and 8 on the bottom side. There are no other thermal pads on this motherboard.


I'm looking to do this as well but doesn't the thermal pad need to be the correct thickness ? I'm guessing something like 2 mm would do but I'm not sure.


They are 1mm.


Thanks for the reply by the way, I just got around to opening up my ps4 and I'm glad I did. Three of the factory thermal pads were hardly even on the memory chip, they were off to the side touching the motherboard like it was slid into place rather than placed down. Also it had way to much thermal compound on the apu. It was a mess.


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Hi Alex

I just teardown my PS4 which is CUH-10XXA on 07/29

Don't know is it too late to share this information with you.

At the beginning I use 2.0mm to replace the thermal pad, and then I turn on my PS4,

but the height is too high so the APU can not touch the heatsink with 3 beep

After that, I use the 0.8mm instead of , so far the machine is ok.

Block Image

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I am searching through the web, still cannot find any leads for the thickness except for your post. I am changing pads on my PS Pro. Do you think 0.1 cm or 1mm works?


.8mm on the side with the APU, as pictured above, .8mm-1mm on the bask side of the board that doesn't have the APU.


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