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Repair guides and support for GE digital cameras, produced by General Imaging, and sold under the General Electric brand name.

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Lens on E850 Refuses to retract when camera is shut off

My E850 8 Megapixel camera when last time used attempted to shut off when power button was depressed. However, Lens structure will not retract and lens cover close over lens. Have taken battery out and put it back into unit. Unit attempts to power up and audible "buzzing" not unlike "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Grrrrrrrrrr...". is then heard and will not stop until I remove battery again. What is the issue and is it repairable by myself. Thank You

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ge 14.1 megapixel won’t shut down and won’t turn on. new batterys doesn’t make a differance


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My GE X5 would freeze, not turn on, or prematurely turn itself off - taking my batteries out was the only way. GE explained that if the memory card has gone bad, the camera stalls when trying to write to it. A new memory card, formatted from the camera menu, fixed my particular problem. Can't hurt to try.

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