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An Android prepaid smartphone released in 2013 by Virgin Mobile.

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Why does my ZTE Awe Has Shortened Standby Time?

My Phone's battery life drains so quickly, even when I'm not using it. My phone will be apparently inactive for hours, but when I check the battery life, the percentage shows a decrease in battery life.

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Be aware of excessive applications running in the background as well as screen brightness. If these simple fixes don't improve the battery life, the battery could be damaged which in case you would contact the manufacturer.

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My phone has the same issue, apparently this model is battery hungry. I manage it by leaving the Bluetooth and wifi turned off, unless it's on a charge cable, or I use the functions for a minimum period.

Try eliminating all but those apps that you use often, also have a large capacity mini SD card inserted, move all apps that you use to it, and perhaps get a backup battery booster.

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