GPS/Camera/Microphone Assembly - Replacement/Rebuild

Hi Gang,

First post; however, I've looked through the forums and guides...there are a *ton* of *fantastic* photos and the like in the tutorials, but the one that seems to elude me is one that clearly shows the assembly/disassembly and more specifically the *very* specific location/placement of the GPS antenna that "sticks" on and across the camera *and* microphone assemblies.

They *sandwich* together with a benign plastic "wedge" that is in there where the antenna wire for the GPS is routed. In my unit this has all pretty much gone south, so I ordered all of the parts, and am stuck in my tracks trying to figure out the exact connections and order of things. The old one did not come out nicely so I didn't get any useful reference pics even though I tried.

I've seen reference to replacement of microphones on the solid-aluminum bodied 3rd-gen iPads, with and without GPS, but nothing that clearly illustrates the 4G-equipped (with the plastic insert and two antennas riding on either side of the camera assembly), GPS (with the additional "stuck-on" GPS antenna at the back of the antenna, sandwiched below and above the plastic wafer/wedge), the Microphone (which looks like it *might* have a "sticker connection to the GPS near the cable passthrough) and the Camera (which I think *definitely* has a connection to the GPS under the aluminum tape.

It is in a word, complex.

Hoping someone out there has some reference material on this...I did check the forums and guides, and if it's there I missed it.


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