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My phone keeps turning off on me. Could this be my battery?

Every time that I use my Motorola Moto G, the phone continues to shut off on me. I was wondering if this could be an issue with the battery. Can you please help me figure out if it is the battery or should I get a new phone?

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what the !&&* is going on with my phone turning itself back on after i turn power off


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It could be your battery. If not, make sure the phone is turned off while charging. Also, if you are not getting a good signal your phone will use up extra energy searching for a signal. If this is the case, see the iPhone dealer. Good luck. Bob

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First check and see if your phone is still under warranty. If so take it in for repair or replacement. If not you want to completely shut down phone and restart. Then allow phone to charge all night, be sure all connections from phone to charger to outlet are complete. If the issue persist it could indicate the battery needs replacing.

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The tiny switch (the really little component with the red X X X sticker on it) might be stuck and/or broken.

Mine is broken, and a simple touch activate it.

As I can't replace it, I slightly manipulated it, and now it is no more "always on".

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