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17" Acer LCD monitor introduced in 2006 with a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 @ 60HZ and manufacturer's item code AL1714CB-8.

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Monitor turns on, but why doesn't it display anything on the screen?

Whenever I turn my monitor on, the LED indicator light comes on, but nothing is displayed on the screen.

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Dustin Germain, no reason to replace the monitor. Keep it out of the landfill by replacing the caps on the power board. This is a common failure with the LCD monitors.

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I've got the same prob.

Acer appear 0.5sec on my screen and it turn black but the power led stay green as if it still receive a signal from the graphic card.

What do you mean by the caps ? Do you have a picture ?

Thank you !


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If there is no display on the monitor, then you need to modify your monitor's settings. The problem is either caused by the connections between your computer and the monitor or there is something wrong with your screen.You can adjust the settings by pressing the Menu button in front of the monitor. If nothing appears, you will more likely need to replace the display.

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The power button becomes non-functional on my AL1912 ... note similar model number. I fixit it about once a year like this Press and Hold these three buttons on the lower control panel:

> (right arrow) + Menu + Power

When the power comes on you are done.

Consider this me paying it forward. You can skip all the heroics above now.

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