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This is the device page for an Esteban Crystal Heart Acoustic Guitar from the "Rock On" Collection. It is a basic acoustic guitar that is recommended for beginners.

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My guitar looks old, how can I make it look new?

It is just dull and dirty and starting to crack.

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I bought an Esteban guitar also and its not like it was when i first received it my , my, oh my, what a sound but as time went on I noticed the fret board begin to develop a small hole just under one of the strings I love the sound of that guitar and it cost me a fair buck but I don't know what to do with it now and I cant afford to get it fixed here id rather the company fix it but then what will that cost , ? id like to have it back as it was , what can I do..... Wilf Saulnier


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Buy Planet Waves Humidipaks. Keep you guitar in the case too when you are not playing. It will also help if your case is a hard case. Those Humidipaks will fix it right up.

I would also suggest to take your guitar to someone who knows how to work on a guitar....Not Guitar Center!! Get your intonation and action fixed, after you have the Humidipaks in for a while. It will sound and play like its brand new!

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If it is starting to crack then it may be because of lack or too much moisture.

Just control the humidity in your guitar. You need to keep it in a room that is between 65 to 75 degrees

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