The C720 is a low cost Acer ChromeOS based Chromebook. Released 2014 successor to the C710.

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Can I upgrade the RAM of my Acer C720 Chromebook?

I am not receiving the performance that I had expected. Videos and games look like they are sputtering during play. I cannot open more than a few tabs before the Chromebook comes to a crawl.

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SWAP is not quite the same thing as RAM although they do essentially the same thing from a higher level looking down, but swap is far slower and implemented with a storage device such as a hard drive or a solid state drive instead of memory. So this will help in some situations where the 2gb in my Chromebook is just not enough but not as quick as a physical ram module which is what was asked in this question.

Not trying to respond rudely just wanted to make the distinction for any future readers. Your answer was helpful just not 100% the correct answer for this problem, but is a solution. However swap on an ssd is ill advised due to r/w count. So I would not do this.

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what is ssd or r/w count?


what is a ssd & r/w count!


An SSD is a solid state drive. R/W count is read/write count. As you write data to an SSD, flipping 1s to 0s and vice versa, you physically wear out the device. This effect is present in all solid state memory, as far as I know, but it worse on the eMMC drives that are typically used in Chromebooks relative to the traditional NAND drives.


The more stuff you write to a Chromebook's hard drive the sooner it will die.


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Hello Christopher, and welcome to iFixit. I see this is your first question. Sadly the Acer C720 does not allow for you to upgrade your memory exclusively; however, you are able to upgrade the memory to a maximum of 4 GB by replacing the motherboard itself to a model with 4 GB. Follow the guide on the Acer C720 device page for replacing the motherboard.

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is that necessary.?


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Hope this is not a too late answer.

To activate SWAP, you will need to open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t). In terminal, type the following command:

swap enable 2000

This will create a 2GB SWAP partition on your Chromebook’s SSD, adjusting the number will change the SWAP size. The Chrome team recommends 2GB. A restart is required to activate your newly created SWAP partition. It is regarding as an experimental feature, and is not recommended for daily use. To disable the SWAP partition type the following command in terminal and restart:

swap disable

Hopefully this feature will prevent your Chrome tabs from crashing and you should be able to use more tabs. A handy feature until we get Chromebooks with more RAM.

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SWAP disable


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The memory usage is proportional to the number of pixels on the screen because the laptop stores bitmaps for many of the background windows. Therefore, make sure your laptop is set to 1366x768 or 1024x576 to minimize RAM usage (hit crtl-shift-+ and crtl-shift-minus to change the resolution of the display). Also, remove as many browser extensions as possible to maximize cpu performance.

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