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Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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How do you remove LCD from case

It looks like around the hinge the LCD casing is broken. I would like to replace the casing without replacing the whole LCD.

How do I open the casing so I can see which side is broken.

I can be reached at

Thank you for your help


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Great Link

It's exactly what I needed

Thank you


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Once you get the top off the bottom

It should be very evident which one is broken see: Display removal followed by hinge replacement.

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It's a difficult repair to replace the LCD casing on the PB Titanium since it is glued to the LCD and hard to glue it back in place. You could find a whole replacement display assy for cheap if you search the web (ebay, craigslist, etc).

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