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A 10.1 inch Samsung tablet computer with a 1.4 GHz processor, 1280x800 pixel LCD, and 149 ppi multi-touch display. The model number of the device is GT-N8013ZW. Released August 2012, repair of this device is straightforward.

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What's wrong when the Display loses one or more colors?

My samsung galaxy note 10.1, 2012 edition, seems to have lost one or more of its colors. The tablet works normally other than what appears to be a loss of "red" color. Is it the display or some other component? I opened the case and checked all the connectors I could find. All are intact.



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I just experience exactly same problem , so how serious is it ..this Samsung I cannot trust anymore just become like that ..


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You can use something like a razor blade around the screen to unclip the housing that goes around the tablet. Pry it the direction away from the tablet screen and never to the screen as that will just damgage the tablet.

Do not use a metal prying tool to unplug any connectors as they are electronically conductive.. Use a plastic one if you have one.

Some different models may have a few screws you need to take out on the rear top of the housing. Usually need to take off a plastic cover covering the screws usually this is around the rear camera or under the rear camera area.

This is only required if the rear back cover refuses to go off.

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Hi, I got this problem in my galaxy note 10.1 yesterday, after my daughter accidentally hit the tablet, I figure out that colors were missing. I reviewed a video in youtube on how to replace the LCD screen, searched on ebay that it was too much to pay, so my brother recommended to reseat the LCD flex cable, it means to take it out and clean the contacts and put it back again, so I did that and fortunately it fixed the problem, it went back to normal. If this doesnt fix the problem then you will have to try replacing the flex cable, which will be the least expensive part to replace, then if you still have this problem it could be either the LCD or the tablet mainboard. Good luck.

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How did you take it apart to get to the LCD flex cable? Thank you!


You will have to take the backcover look above Ben instructions if you still have problems please post again.


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I had the same problem. It could be loose cable

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